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Seaweed Extract Supplier

SEAWIN is a professional manufacturer of organic seaweed based fertilizer. We provide customers with seaweed extract, seaweed fertilizer, seaweed foliar fertilizer, common formula fertilizer, and fertilizer raw materials. We cultivate certain types of seaweed and process the plants in a way that makes for outstanding fertilizer that is safer and healthier compared to other types. Our products, when added to your soil, create better quality food and healthy plants by adding vital nutrients. Innovative research practices have led to significant growth in this field and we are proud to be at the forefront. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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Fertilizer Products

As a professional seaweed fertilizer supplier, SEAWIN holds independent ocean resources. We have built three production bases in Jiaozhou Qingdao, Rushan Weihai and Rongcheng Weihai separately, which are all close to the seaside providing convenience for the harvesting of rich marine biological resources like green algae, kelp, oyster and byproducts of aquatic products. Rich raw material resources can not only guarantee output, but also reduce manufacturing costs, so that we can provide cheaper yet high quality seaweed fertilizer to customers.

    1. Algae
    2. AlgaeHigh reproducibility, high yield and abundance on rocks in the intertidal zone are three features of Algae. The natural algae yield is as high as 100 thousand tons just in Fujian coastal waters
    1. Kelp
    2. KelpKelp is a type of large economical algae growing in low-temperature seawater and most often cultivated in northern coastal waters and Zhejiang, Fujian coastal water.
    1. Oyster
    2. OysterThe oyster is an alkalescent, thus suitable for neutralizing the acidic soil and adjusting soil pH. The plentiful bio-calcium and micro parasite in oysters can regulate the microbial ecosystem in soil.
    1. Cod skin
    2. Cod skinWith rich aquatic products, the annual processing volume of cod is between 400-600 thousand tons. A large amount of fish skin is harvested, serving as sufficient raw materials for our production
Planting Solutions
    1. Plant Root Stimulant
    2. Potato Planting SolutionAs the channel to absorb nutrients, root development determines the success of crop growth, crop immunity and fruit quality.
    1. Corn Planting Solution
    2. Corn Planting SolutionAs it is planted all around the world, corn is one of the most important grain crops in the world.
    1. Tomato Planting Solution
    2. Tomato Planting SolutionTomato planting solutions described below are done according to the growth cycle of tomatoes in a green house.
    1. Orange Planting Solution
    2. Orange Planting SolutionThe high yield of oranges indicates that orange trees need more fertilizer, and when in the fruiting stage